These words or their derivatives have been identified as vocabulary that has appeared on past SAT tests, which appear in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Abolish - uh BOL ish. To do away with.
Lincoln abolished slavery.
Synonyms >> annul, eradicate, exterminate, extirpate, obliterate
Antonym >> initiate
Derivatives >> abolishment, abolition, abolitionary, abolitiondom, abolitionist

Afoot - uh FOOT. Developing or in the process of happening
The eclipse of the sun caused him to think that something bizarre was afoot.
Synonyms >> ongoing
Antonym >> on hold
Derivatives >>

Air – AIR. To make a public utterance
I intend to air my views to the school board and to anybody who will listen.
Synonyms >> express
Antonym >> to conceal
Derivatives >> airs, airing, aired

Blithe – BLIETH. having or showing a good mood or cheerful disposition, joyous,
Her blithe spirit provided an air of gaiety at the meeting.
Synonyms >> jocund, jolly, jovial, lighthearted, glad, cheerful, free of spirit.
Antonym >> morose
Derivatives >> blithely, blithesome, blithesomely, blithesomeness

Brazen - BRAY zen. Displaying or marked by rude boldness
Pinching that woman was a very brazen act.
Synonyms >> Shameless, insolent, disrespectful
Antonym >> reserved, mild
Derivatives >> brazenly, brazenness, brazenfaced

Calamity - kuh LAM uh tee. A serious event causing distress or misfortune
The earthquake in Mexico was a calamity.
Synonyms >> cataclysm, catastrophe
Antonym >> good fortune
Derivatives >> calamitous, calamitously, calamitousness

Confound - kon FOUND. To throw into a state of mental uncertainty.
I am confounded by study guide for the SAT.
Synonyms >> confused
Antonym >> to distinguish between
Derivatives >> confounded, confoundedly, confounding, confounds

Contrite - kun TRITE. Feeling sorrow for a wrong that one has done.
Her contrite tears were not enough to convince her father not to spank her for her disobedience.
Synonyms >> apologetic, penitent, regretful, remorseful, repentant, rueful, sorry
Antonym >> unrepentant
Derivatives >> contritely, contriteness, contrition

Dissipation - dis uh PAY shun. An act or process in which something scatters or is scattered. Wasteful spending,
Even though he inherited a million dollars, I expect quick dissipation of his fortune.
Synonyms >> squander
Antonym >> collection
Derivatives >> dissipate, dissipated, dissipatedly, dissipatedness, dissipater, dissipative

Divination - div uh NAY shun. Foretelling the future by means of magic
The prophet was known for his accuracy in divination.
Synonyms >>
Antonym >>
Derivatives >> divinator, divinatory, divine, divination, divined

Frivolous - FRIV uh lus. Lacking in seriousness or importance
A teacher should limit frivolous behavior in the classroom.
Synonyms >> asinine, silly, trivial
Antonym >> serious; sober
Derivatives >> frivolity, frivolousness, frivolously

Haughty - HAW tee. Arrogant, excessively proud and vain
Being quarterback of the football team does not give him the right to be haughty.
Synonyms >> disdainful, high-handed, insolent, lordly, supercilious
Antonym >> humble
Derivatives >> haughtily, haughtiness

Histrionic - his tree ON iks. Overly theatrical
Your histrionics do not sway my opinion.
Synonyms >> exaggerated, melodramatic, unrestrained
Antonym >> sincere
Derivatives >> histrionical, histrionically

Hues – HYOOZ. Colors
A rainbow has many hues.
Synonyms >> tone, tinge, tint, shade
Antonym >>
Derivatives >> hue, hueless, hued

Infernal - in FER nul. Relating to hell
It is not nice to wish that someone go to the infernal regions.
Synonyms >> hellish, diabolical, fiendish
Antonym >> heavenly
Derivatives >> infernally, inferno

Languid - LANG gwid. Slow, sluggish, listless, weak
The old man's walk was languid, each pace requiring great effort.
Synonyms >> lethargic, stuporous, torpid
Antonym >> animated
Derivatives >> languidly, languidness, languish, languisher, languishing, languishment

Muse – MYOOZ. To ponder
I have often mused about life on a tropical island.
Synonyms >> meditate, ruminate
Antonym >>
Derivatives >> mused, museful, musefully, museless, musing

Ponderous - PON dur us. Very heavy, unwieldy from weight
The ponderous furniture was hard to move, and thus became a burden.
Synonyms >> cumbersome, cumbrous
Antonym >> lightweight
Derivatives >> ponderosity, ponderously, ponderousness

Resolute - REZ uh loot. Characterized by a decided purpose
The business was run by a resolute man who set his mind on a goal and followed through with it.
Synonyms >> staunch, steadfast, determined, resolved, faithful, firm
Antonym >> vacillating, indecisive, weak
Derivatives >> resoluter, resolutest, resolutely, resoluteness, resolution, resolutionary, resolutioner, resolutive

Soliloquy - suh LIL uh kwee. A speech or dramatic monologue made to oneself to reveal thoughts
Synonyms >>
Antonym >> conversation; dialogue
Hamlet's soliloquy in the graveyard is a popular piece to memorize.
Derivatives >> soliquist, soliloquize, soliloquizer, soliloquizingly

Stealthy - STEL thee. Acting in a secret and sneaky way--this is often a negative term
The secret organization moves by stealth to gather information on its enemies.
Synonyms >> clandestine, covert, furtive, surreptitious, underhanded
Antonym >> open; indiscreet
Derivatives >> stealthful, stealthfully, stealthily, stealthiness, stealth

Sublime - suh BLIME. Exalted, noble, uplifting
The romantic dinner, which included delicious food, soft music, and a beautiful setting, was simply sublime.
Synonyms >> resplendent, superb
Antonym >> ridiculous, modest
Derivatives >> sublimely, sublimeness, sublimer

Temperance - TEM per ense. Moderation or self-restraint in action or statement
The woman exercised temperance in filling her plate with small portions of food.
Synonyms >> restraint, control
Antonym >> excess, overindulgence
Derivatives >> temperate, temperately, temperateness