Rubrics and Grading Outlines

Chapter Quizzes are intended to allow the teacher to deduce students’ needs and ensure students’ participation. To encourage the students to actually read, the chapter quizzes will be graded for correct answers; however, they will only account for 5% of the total grade for the unit.

Vocabulary assignments are meant to gauge students’ understanding and assist learning new vocabulary. It will be graded pass/fail depending on completion and account for 5% of the final unit grade.

Every one will be required to read aloud at least twice during the unit; however, in order to encourage a more relaxed reading, the read aloud will be assessed as extra credit instead of a required grade. Further readings will also be graded as extra credit.

Late assignments will be accepted; however, reductions in points will be assessed on a case-by-case base.

% Assignment

5 Chapter Quizzes
5 Vocabulary Sheets
5 Found poetry
5 Poem Critique
5 Language Usage
5 Other handouts
5 Journals
5 Writing Assessment #1.1
5 Writing Assessment #1.2
10 Writing Assessment #2
10 Writing Assessment #3
10 Writing Assessment #4
15 Presentation
10 Unit Exam

Rubric Scale

0=not evident
1=minimal evidence of mastery
2=satisfactory evidence of mastery
3=strong evidence of mastery

Found Poem

Writing Assessment #1.1 Part 1 - Expository Essay: Twain’s Life (Individual Assessment)

Writing Assessment #1.2 Thesis, Antithesis, & Synthesis (Group Assessment)

Writing Assessment #2 Theme Essay

Writing Assessment #3 Character Analysis

Writing Assessment #4 Art Imitates Life

Unit Presentations